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Win a complete website including hosting + domain name

Discussion in 'Jobs And Career Discussion' started by povidiu, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. povidiu

    povidiu New Member

    At webmasterserve forum there is a new contest where you can win a complete website including hosting + domain name.
    The website is hosted on a domain that is over 1 year old, with an alexa ranking of 2.6 million. The website resolves to its name so its not blacklisted by search engines. You can start making money from the day you take ownership of this domain in the form of selling adverts or adding Adsense to it. You can continue to use it as a free image hosting site or change it to whatever you like. Our friends at Velnet UK web hosting have agreed to host the site free of charge for at least one year.

    The website you will win comes with the following:
    * a brandable domain name
    * Image hosting script
    * One year web hosting
    * Basic SEO/Link building tips and some links
    * Free domain push transfer to GoDaddy account

    More details at webmasterserve dot com

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