[Wifi] Connect to Multiple Networks at once and use them simultaneously

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First, Let me say I have no idea were to put this cause I couldn't find a "network" section on the site. So sorry.

So here's the thing. I want to take one desktop with a wifi card in it, and connect to oh say 2-3 different networks for Internet use. Thus spreading out my packets among the different networks to:
1. Better encrypt my connection
2. Speed my connect up
3. Cause It'd be cool.

Just doing this for an experiment of mine. I'm not stealing local networks or anything like that.

I've found Programs for Linux based systems but I tend to be pretty linux handicapped. Or the programs I have found for windows aren't gui. I pretty much need a gui program

here are the programs I've found so far if your interested:

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Still no comments?

how about this guys:

and suggestions? anything at allllll?