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Need Wibu/Box Key Emu, "Crispy Digital Ulysses S. Grant PP'd for Helping".

Discussion in 'Gadget Analysis' started by afxi, May 19, 2014.

  1. afxi

    afxi New Member

    I work in laser/lighting industry and recently misplaced my wibu key which I desperately needed for a show. I called software company and explained my situation, despite my having the digital receipt proving purchase, I was simply told to purchase another key if requiring a replacement.
    After paying 1500.00 for the product you would think I was entitled, oh well, is what it is I suppose.
    In short, I want the ability to run program without requiring a key, my research suggest this being possible by emulating the security key, apparently this can be done by dumping key and solving the encryption.
    I originally planned on making a sincere attempt to get this done however, my doing so ended miserably after countless frustrating failed attempts searching the web for the necessary tools, therefor I decided to ask for help.
    As previously stated, my goal is the ability to run software without key being necessary, If someone with such knowledge is available to help with this, it will be my pleasure to throw a Grant their way via PP for helping. Many thanks in advance.

    Send eMail to: emu@ttkmusic.com
  2. skr706

    skr706 New Member

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