Where do you work from?

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Hi Folks.

I'm a 42 year old guy in need of a career change do to an injury. I have a hard time traveling long distances and I live in the middle of nowhere. I'm thinking about becoming a web programmer, web master, or some other programmer like c+ or vb.net that can be done remotely, (telecommute) or at least some or most of the time I could do work from my home.

I have always been interested in computer related technology, I built my last computer for example. I know Basic like the back of my hand, some C, Assembly and Visual Basic. I am about to sign up for 2 year course in "Web Analyst/Programmer" and I'm wondering if I am headed the right direction.

My question for all of you is:

Can you work from home in this field?
Also, if you can "telecommute", is this a common practice?
Maybe comment on where you all work from and or if you are a freelancer?

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Yes you can.

Check out my online freelance profile. http://shabbirbhimani.elance.com/
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Frankly Speaking, in today's world if you want to work on computers, you can work from anywhere.
you can work on your office network sitting right at your home
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Freelance programming would allow a programmer to work from home. Maybe not a fulltime permanent job, but contract work - I'm sure if you look you'll find something.
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