What's the proper sytax, and initialization of HWND *pHwnd[]={}; ?

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Hello, and good day to whomever reads this.

I am trying to learn the proper syntax, usage, and initialization of
"HWND *pHwnd[]={...};".I am trying to create a loop which creates 3 windows. Then it assigns
the returned HWND to an HWND variable pointed to by "HWND *pHwnd[]={..};". So I do not want
pHwnd to point to anything other than what it's been initialized with already, rather I want
to know how to assign the return from CreatWindowEx() to the variables pHwnd points to.

I am not looking for a work-around unless there is no other way. I am trying to learn the
about C++ semantics in Win32. Also I should mention that I am new to C++ and Win32.

The code below helps to depict what I'm trying to do. Can you show what is wrong?

Code: cpp
LPCTSTR lpClassName[]{"Static","Static","Static"};
    LPCTSTR lpWindowName[]= {"Win1""Win2""Win3"};
    int x[]      ={0, 00};
    int y[]      ={50,100,150};
    int nWidth[] ={50,50, 50};
    int nHeight[]={20,20, 20};   
    HMENU hMenu[3];

    HWND hWin2, hWin2, hWin3;
    HWND *pHwnd[]={&hWin1, &hWin2, &hWin3};

     switch (message)                  /* handle the messages */

        case WM_CREATE:

             for(int makeWin=0; makeWin < 22*; makeWin++)


Thanks to anyone who reads this, and a big thanks to anyone who helps!
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Why not just use an array of HWNDs?
HWND myWindows[3];

or, as you're doing it in a loop:
for(i=0; i<3; i++) { myWindows[i]=CreateWindow(...); }

You said you don't want a workaround unless there is no other way but it would help to understand exactly why you want to use individual variables and an array of pointers to those variables and why this is preferred over simply using an array of HWNDs. What does an array of pointers to HWND do that an array of HWNDs doesn't do?