what's your opinion about adobe new software "muse"?

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Actually i use the beta version of muse and i like the software because with the help of this software very easily create the website without the knowledge of programing.
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while the latest programing softweres have been released the main thing to keep in mind is that none of those softweres would do the job like a real person...
well it is useful for non-programmers to create web sites but if something happens to your site, or an error occurs you don't know anything, and you can't do anything.
so the best is to use this tools but also to have at least beginner programming knoledge
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well we see more and more products from Adobe that try and connect to a sector of people who don't have any programing knowledge a thing that in my point of view is great. the more the better i always say
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The New Software of adobe is good than other software . it is Best and Excellent Programing Software
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I like the software so far so i recommend it..