What if?

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If someone gets your IP like from vent or something is there a way they can find out the exact location of the ip and the name and adress who the ip belongs to as well as the phone number?

So if someone has my IP they can find out what state its coming from though right? But they cannot find out my adress and phone number, correct?

What if they have my IP and call my service provider and say something like this person from this IP is stealing money, or trying to hack me, or threatning me can I get his INFO or call the police on me to get my info or any crap like that?

basically what is the worst thing that can happen if someone has my IP?
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Worst thing is you can be in Jail but for that you should have done some cyber law violation.
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Well, to tell you the truth, there are numerous ways to use an IP to find the location of someone. I guess there are many different ways, but some are actually VERY simple and can interest you a lot! I know one way is using ICANN, I believe that is how it is spelled, (Only able to be used with certain ISP's) and actually search the IP [Tells you how to buy it] and gives you a number that is to "contact" the current owner. If you take their number, most likely you could google it and find their address...:/. Most likely if it was a threat in a vent, it was nothing. They need admin to be able to obtain your info.