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my site is called www.webbmonarken.com and I would like to have a skilled programmer that could help me out with the forum and the colour layout, since i use some really wierd ones.. Purple? anyway, the site is made in php.. with css.

If you feel like helping me out with the site to make it more attractive conntact me at admin@webbmonarken.com if you feel like this isnt something for you, then simply ignore this post.
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Are you looking for some paid services? If thats the case I will move the thread into the right forum.
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I dont know what paid services means. But I think you mean if Iam willing to pay for the help? the answere is NO. The site is semi-seriouse and I dont belive it will have so many visitors that it will cover the costs of hireing help. Mostly I make the site for fun and I do not upgrade it that regular. Mostly I was hoping that someone else was willing to help me improve the site since I dont have the time for it (Iam studing). And it would be fun to test to work in a team of 2-3 people. I think I could learn a lot from it acctually
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If I knew php I would totally be willing to help! :P Maybe I can learn quickly and help you.... Where did you learn?
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Why don't you make your project open source and try sourceforge.net
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Hmm.. I learnt php mainly from a book called PHP5 and MySQL Bible 2nd edition.. But I didnt read it all the way. Allso I read and still do, on the internet on sites that I cannot remember. Anyway you could simply type in "learn php" or "tutorial php" in google. And Iam shure you will find the info needed..

The reason why I dont go completly open source at sourceforge.net is that I will probebly have to realese it under gnu?
and that would be soo gay.. soo ******* gay.. I cant imagine anything worse.. haha just joking..
But my site dont have any qualities to be an open source projekt. My site does what? display some info has a built in phpbb forum? and has a news part with a admin panel. I dont belive any good coder there would join a projekt like that. The projekts goal would mainly be to improve the design? haha

I was mainly thinking the fun of working togheter with someone, coding all by yourself can get a bit boring sometimes. =) Also you can critizize the code/design and get usefull ideas from each other. I think worikng in a team would make the site evolve much quicker :P