Web Site Promotion - Tips needed?

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As is more and more the case these days, I am being asked by a potential client about how I can get his site better exposure in the SE's as well as designing and building the thing.

I was wondering what part of the process would be feasible to carry out myself and how much of it I should put in the hands of a specialist provider of these sorts of services.

What do you do for your customers' sites and do you use third party providers, if so, which ones would you recommend?

Plus, any tips in general would be greatly appreciated.

I am aware that this subject is documented on the net, but I believe in recommendations and wanted something specific to the UK, however, I'd be more than prepared to dig through any links that you think would be appropriate.

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When you have a specialist I don't mind having them all the stuff but the question is if some one is a specialist he can make real bucks by his website only and probably will not be able to take up your task but the novice will.

My best bet is to do it all yourself or at least be a major part of it so you know what is happening.
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i agree with shabbir. do the major stuffs. as part of it, do some social bookmarkings as it will increase traffic. sigs, articles.. good on-site and off-site optimization too.
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Submit your website to as many directories as you can, buy links/ exchange links with simmilar niche websites.