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I am trying to develop an general web page which can be used in any company. For e.g I want to write a code that can access the name emp id from the exisiting database. For now I have no idea of how to interact with databases and how many types of databases are there. Is it possible to that.
I m new to internet programming.
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I am another newbie in web programming. That is very much possible. To do that you need the following skills:
2. PHP
3. AJAX for more functionality.

hope it helps.
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Yes, but at some point everyone was new to it. Personally I'd advise you to learn plan SQL. T-SQL(Microsoft SQL SERVER) does have its own special sugars and does deviate from standard SQL slightly. If I remember correctly using the ADO or PDO extension for php you could implement SQL that is cross server compatible without using specific functions for mssql,mysql etc... For the going trend aspect I'd recommend using a ORM or active records patter or object mapper. Don't worry if you practice and ask questions and take advice you'll be down the road of a db expert in no time.
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Many Thanks for your sharing information. You can't have the form directly submit to a database. You have to have a server-side program just like using ASP, PHP, Python, or any other language actually capture the request and add it in on the server side. Also, don't put the database in the same folder as the website- that means that anyone can download the file. And you shouldn't be using Access for a web program anyway because that means the system would crash if two people tried submitting at the same time. Use a real database like SQL Server, MySQL, or PostgreSQL.

Thanks and have a nice
Carly Fiorina
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