Web Page Construction Guidelines for Advanced Page Speed and Load Time

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I am looking to construct new web pages under certain guidelines that would provide the fastest possible page speed and load time. I am also looking for the pages to be constructed in a manor where the robots can crawl the content the fastest and easiest.

I am well aware of condensing the external style sheets and JS files down to one external sheet each. On the server side I am also aware of enabling keep-alive and code compression. I've heard of leveraging cache material although I am not too familiar with how this is done.

I am looking for more advanced techniques that can be used between the page construction and the server side which will provide the best possible load time. I would like the standard to be much more advanced than an web designer or web marketing firm knowledge base would give them. Any help, direction, or set of best practices to reference would be very helpful and appreciated.
These will not by dynamic pages and the server would be a GoDaddy dedicated server.