Hello everyone,

I have been looking for a good meeting tool to plug directly into a website. Currently, I am part of a team that uses a split service where a user can sign into the web piece or a client running Adobe Connect. However, as you all probably know, Adobe connect is a separate client and costs money which are both something that we are trying to eliminate, but we still need all of the features. I did some searching on the open source side of things and didn't find anything simple enough for what we want to do.

Ultimately, a user should go to the site, sign in, and have access to all the services and tools featured there... which includes: forums, document shares, schedules, and the web meeting rooms. Everything except the meeting rooms is covered. And even in the meeting rooms - the chat, attendee list, and message boards are taken care of. What I NEED is a module-like piece for screen sharing, remote desktop access (allowing the 1 member to control another members computer), a presentational whiteboard, and voice chat.

Now... personally... after my searches... I realize that this is not going to be an easily solved issue. If anyone could help me out... please - PLEASE - do so.

In case it is needed, I know C++, PHP, SQL, XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This tool could be a Java based app as well. We don't care if the user needs to install something on their computer either, we just need this to work.

Any information will be apprecitated.