Make web designing easier: Firebug

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Firebug is an add-on tool for Firefox, which enables us to inspect, edit the page layout, CSS and HTML and JavaScript code of the current page that we are viewing. This even allows us to edit the current page on the fly(live) and we can see the changes immediately.

This will help us debug the errors that we had made during our web design. We can also use this tool to study how the other websites have been designed.

I have also attached a sample page that I edited. See the changes in the "Welcome Note" area of the page:

* Admin's name displayed instead of mine.
* "Private Messages" pointing to google page (See the statusbar).
* It says shabbir has never visited
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Thats funny but yes I love firebug and it has been my savior many times
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I prefer MS's IE Developer Toolbar which is for IE only.