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Web Design Tricks and Tips

Discussion in 'Web Design, HTML And CSS Forums' started by daworm, Dec 19, 2006.

  1. Derby11

    Derby11 New Member

    it was a fantastic information on Web Design Tricks and Tips that you have shared with us.
    I hope everybody will love this.Thanks a lot!
  2. zsander11

    zsander11 New Member

    I wanted to learn web designing but I don't have the software. Does anyone knows where to find a free software foe web designing?
  3. dhavalpage

    dhavalpage New Member

    This saves time for visitors, and can make the difference between them continues to run the HTML tags site.The title, the headers of Web pages and styles, creating a transparent background, backgrounds, seamless page Beautiful
  4. lastminuteflights

    lastminuteflights New Member

    This post is very useful for Web Designer. Thanks for share this information.
  5. franklin123

    franklin123 New Member

    Thanks for sharing incredible thoughts on web design tricks and tips.
  6. mirandu85

    mirandu85 New Member

    well i tend to be in place with the trend to say like this. i mean always being with what ppl want and up to date is all that's important
  7. silvan4now

    silvan4now New Member

    always search for the latest creations of webdesigns and always try to have a free imagination
  8. stonea9987

    stonea9987 New Member

    everyone thanks so much for this info.
  9. crownwest

    crownwest New Member

    These are useful tips. Thanks alot for sharing them. They will help A LOT for the newbies.
  10. rozerdun

    rozerdun New Member

    There is no tricks for web design but tips are available.
    before starting making design your website you have to draw a demo on paper and try to collect all information from clients.
  11. MrDuma

    MrDuma New Member

    i have always hated the copy-paste of templates where a web-designer modifies just the content of the site and calls it a "masterpiece". Always appreciated the good work people put into creating there own sites even if the quality isn't very high...by trying your best you usually manage to advance...
  12. silvan4now

    silvan4now New Member

    well the pro ones won't do that anyway just because they want to have some kind of signature on their sites. and this kind of stuff generally happens to beginners who want to have a site made quickly.
  13. ladypandorastar

    ladypandorastar New Member

    I need a tip and I unfortunately can't find it anywhere including the text from my school book. How am I able to link a web page to an image map where the page would should up in the designated square without clicking to go to another part of the site?
  14. nepolianbutter

    nepolianbutter New Member

    When you work with web-design you must thing about the basic of the web-design.First you create your web-site.The vital element you want to do before developing your website is to make a flowchart, a flowchart will aid in the describe of your web style venture.Next you will need to choose how you want to lay-out your website. There are a few primary styles, however most expert developers use styles that are appropriate with the more well-known windows,This style trick is very easy and very helpful to us but you use the further guideline.
  15. Mister_grey2010

    Mister_grey2010 New Member

    I think firstly you can use table structed page making and markup page. By joining columns and strings you are able to make a good page. E.g. join 3 columns and head of site is ready. join left column's strings into 1 and make navigation block.
  16. Mister_grey2010

    Mister_grey2010 New Member

  17. locker

    locker New Member

    yeah this is true that now days work depends upon the customers demand...........Whatever they said then we have to work according to that.so go ahead guys and girls and fulfill the needs of your customers.......
  18. maximefisker7533

    maximefisker7533 New Member

    In designing a site color and structure are important, the logo should be mixed well with the rest of the site. Try using good quality photographs. Investigate other competing sites.
  19. hanswilmink

    hanswilmink New Member

    Webdesigners want a link normally nowadays just for the good SEO, imagine you make one template with your link in the bottom, and 100.000 people download it and use it, that's some high quality SEO :)
  20. Wschmit

    Wschmit New Member

    For a good and user friendly website simply just try to create such website which is elegant looking and simple and try to place quality content so that it might be easily understandable by the general audience in terms of interacting and placing the order to the website.

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