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Web Conferencing - Online Meetings & Presentations

Discussion in 'Gadget Analysis' started by korman776, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. korman776

    korman776 New Member

    With so many tools for web conferencing (online meetings and presentations) available, I’m totally confused about choosing a software/ hardware combination appliance for my office. Thanks in advance to anyone and everyone who might have used one and recommend!!!
  2. Brian46

    Brian46 New Member

    I admit that with the vast amount of service providers available today, it’s not always easy to find the one that best fills the bill for your particular web conferencing needs. Frankly speaking about my personal experience that I have been using RHUB Web Conferencing myself and it has been excellent in fulfilling my needs of web conferencing. This web conferencing appliance is installable behind your firewall and features screen sharing, annotation/whiteboard, remote control.

    <<Link Removed>>
  3. rockaway

    rockaway New Member

    I can provide you with details about one particular combination appliance.I did goole for your query and came up with this answer.First the image


    And for the detailed description click here .
  4. allanwalker

    allanwalker New Member

    Not sure of others but I am used to Rhubcom's appliance for over an year. There is no monthly fees, you own it, you control it. RHUB delivers advanced Web conferencing software for PC and Mac in a secured appliance. Yeah if you are looking for freewares then go for skype , netmeeting etc but its like compromising with information security and lot many bugs with session breakdowns are common. So for professional purposes must opt for quality solution.
  5. allanwalker

    allanwalker New Member

    Yeah Logitech is an option but its security enhancements are also need to be reviewed . I think Gomeetnow too is a better option as it supports attendees on all known platforms as windows, mac, linux, unix, iPhone etc.

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