web based system for tracking IP address PCs on local network

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hello guys....i need your idea on how to develop one web based system to discover all the PCs IP address...and by using the system, we can monitoring the PC remotely...

Based on what i have learned, to discover the IP address for all of PCs on LAN network is by using command ping -b (broadcast address) on command prompt.....please help me..
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If they are all on the same network don't they all have the same IP? You could use a system call by using either
PHP Code:
system("ping -b"); 
PHP Code:
shell_exec("ping -b"); 
. I have never attempted to do what you are trying but using those two functions should get you your desired effect. I don't know what the output will be(probably an array) so you'll need to test to see what it returns. Then just store that data into a database and use or make your own php cron that does checks on the pc. You might need phpcli and set a client program on that system. Then use the web based server to tell the client to report computer stats to it.
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