web based aplication - which programming language to use?

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Im going to get somebody to program a web based aplication for me.

I dont know in which programing language its best to program it in.
The aplication need to have the folowing features.

- registration of users
- users shall be able to send messages from the aplication to mail recipients.
- the aplication shall track number off messages sendt, in total and too different mail recipients.
- Track Last message sendt
- users shall be able to recive messages - both on their registerd mail account and in the aplications.
- The aplication shall be able to track nubers of messages recived pr user and from whom.

Can anyone that has experience and or knowledge about this help me out and give me some advice?

Thanks in advance for helping me

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PHP should be best and easiest to start with
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PHP & MySQL. For a local development you shoud use wamp or xampp.
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PHP Programming is the best for the web based application. it is very simple to write.