wanna start a website...help required

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hello all...
im new to this world of web management ...but not for the forums.. or site with forums...

i wanna start a forum website...

what should i do??

whats the memory i can get for the website...??

and in case of security of the site....im very much worried...(coz many websites are being hacked very frequently)

please help me start a website ...with very high security...
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First of all

Can you please specify which kind of website you are going to develop ?

In which technology you are going to develop ? like ASP.NET, PHP using what ?

Please be more descriptive
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i wanna develop a forum site....

well, i haven't decided the language yet....but im good at ASP.NET...

which language would be the safest... (more secure/less hackable,.)...
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huh!!! no help.... its been very long... and no one to help me..???
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