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Visitor Tracking and Analysis

Discussion in 'PHP' started by CoastPlumbing, May 16, 2011.

  1. CoastPlumbing

    CoastPlumbing New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I am trying to find out what the best platform to track visitors will be, a hunch tells me PHP hence why I am posting here.

    Before anyone tries to say go use Google Analytics, or any of the many major trackers I need one that I can export to csv or similar to run in depth analysis.

    So ...

    Is PHP the best option to track all relevant information and export the data into a versatile format capable of being analyzed by other software like excel, access e.t.c.

    Does anyone have any tips, material or a good direction to point me to.

    Thank in advance :happy:
  2. pein87

    pein87 New Member

    there are programs that do this that are written in php. Heres some free ones which I have used in the past. Your site may become slower if your not using paid hosting due to bandwidth. Install it and add the javascript snippet in your pages.



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