Hi folks,

I've been dead set on getting into augmented or virtual reality for a while, and I want to make the dive by learning an appropriate language. I'm a keen web developer with a solid understanding of PHP, but I request your advise on an approachable, preferably broadly-adopted language that can handle 3D environments, cope with high bandwidth inputs such as multiple low resolution web cameras, GPS data, accelerometers and so forth. I also am looking for a language that can support multiple video outputs (stereoscopic display). Preferably something not too archaic; this is also a good chance to get some more experience with OOP.

Having only a superficial understanding of C I am clueless as to what application style language I ought to learn. Java perhaps?

Bonus points for any language that also happens to look good on a resume and may be relevant to the studies of a computer science student

Thanks for any advice you may have.