what is virtual private network & proxy server?

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If a site is banned in some organization, we surf that banned site through a proxy server. So what is happening inside?

I know proxy servers maintain logs, so they are not secure.

Virtual private connection is better than proxy server because they do not maintain logs.

I want to understand the basics of both the things: VPN & proxy server.

Can anyone please answer these in simple language..
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I have'n used VPN but i have built & sold many proxy servers. They keep logs indeed but only if you get one who keeps... On SourceForge is a project called Mocks and is currently version 0.0.2
Download link
You can configure it easy.
PORT 			= 10080       # Port MOCKS is to listen to
MOCKS_ADDR              =     # IP adress MOCKS is to bind to
LOG_FILE 		= mocks.log   # MOCKS log file  (Guess you can remove that)
PID_FILE 		= mocks.pid   # File holding MOCKS's process ID
BUFFER_SIZE 		= 65536       # Traffic buffer size in bytes
BACKLOG     		= 5           # Backlog for listen()
MAX_CONNECTIONS	        = 50  (This is the max number of connections YOU CAN MAKE)
Then on Linux/FreeBSD/SunOS just use ./build and you will have your own socks5 server configured.
To start it just

./mocks start - start socks server 
./mocks shutdown - to stop it
./mocks help - to see some things i just write in here :)
I think that there is a -f argument to force socks server to start.