Validate text in a file.

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Hi Guys,

I have no idea how to writing Perl but I know the Perl can be very helpful.
I need help with some script.
I have Linux machine (RedHat).
Sometimes I use WireShark on that machine to sniff traffic.
I would like to take the Wireshark file and export it to my PC (or locally) to a text file.
Now, using Perl script I would like to validate parameters or text in the text file.
I will very appreciate the help, and hope I not impolite.
Have a nice day to all.

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You can't just learn Perl like that! You'll have to start from scratch! Btw, what does that text file contain?
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Thank you for your respond.
I start learning Perl but I'm not good enough.
The text file I talking about is just a text file with parameters.
I mean, I use the software Ethereal to capture SIP protocol, and then I convert the Ethereal file to a text file.
And then I would like to check if some words or numbers appear in it. And the script will tell me if it’s true or false.
Thanks again,