Using Subreport to bring in four fields into Main Report

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I have a report that is running a query that limits the data based on the information from the control form. On the bottom of this report, I have been asked to pull in totals for (4) fields based on a different table and criteria. The values needed run correctly from the query.

The main report is rptCCE Employee Development Report - Directors
The main Query for this report is qryCCE Employee Development Report - Director.

The report called rptDegreeBydirector uses a query called qryDegreeByDirector.

I have tried unsuccessfully to encorporate rptDegreeByDirector as a subreport to rptCCE Employee development Report - Directors.

What am I doing wrong? A copy of the master database is attached to this thread.

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Both the reports in question copied and modified with the suffix 2.
  1. rptCCE Employee Development Report - Directors2
  2. rptDegreeByDirector2

The corrected database is attached.
  • The main correction I have made on the sub-report is shifting the report controls from the Page Footer to the Detail Section.
  • The Sub-Report is inserted as a Sub-Report into the main Report Footer.
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