using occi at client side

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I wana connect my c++ (Linux) code to oracle11g DB in client server architecture.

Oracle DB is exist on another Linux Red Hat system (i.e.server) and i have to write my c++(Linux) code at another Linux Machine (Client) I want to use OCCI library but it comes with only oracle db setup in 11 G how to get OCCI on client side for writing code

at client side i dont wana install Oracle at client side is it possible ??

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As OCCI is a C++ API for the Oracle client it's impossible to use OCCI without the Oracle client. For a minimal installation use Instant Client.

If you don't want an Oracle client then your only way to communicate with a remote DB is to write your own version of SQL*Net (and if you're going to do that you may as well use SQL*Net as it's already been written and debugged).