USing MYSQL with C#

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Hello! i want to join MYSQL with C# windows based application.

Someone has told me to add reference of MYSQL.DATA into my C# application, but i haven't found any file named such.

So! can anyone tell me how to join MYSQL database with C#.

Please! mention proper steps.
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Please see this link:

I have installed MYSQL Connector/ODBC, but still there is no option of "Data Sources (ODBC)" in my
start->setting->control panel.

Please tell me how can i bring this option?

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Have you tried installing MyODBC

The screen shot is from that software
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Ye I have installed this software properly, but i can't understand how to bring up this window to make connection.
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if the mysql server is installed on the same machine use localhost as the server url ... have u created the database on mysql server ..... ur connection s tring would be
hostnameort:sid. Then u have a user name and password fill the form based on this entry and test the connection