Some Useful CMD Comands

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Has your office/company diasbaled the games from your usernmae but allowed you to use the run command? If so follow the instructions below:

1) Run 'cmd'
2) Type in the code for the game you want to play:

spider = Spider Solitaire
sol = Solitaire
freecell = Freecell

To play pinball go on to run and type 'pinball' and it should come up.
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here are some more:

winword = MS Word
calc = Calculator
mspaint = Paint
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Some more

notepad = Note pad
wordpad = WordPad

But definitely offices dont block them so you can directly see them in start menu.
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A better option to f-u-c-k admin would be the AT command google for the info....

If basically it is disabled the v r grounded and can do nothing about it other than extracting the SAM n breakin into it lol