URL optimization?

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I know search engine optimization(SEO). Recently I heard URL optimization. What is url optimization? Ho to optimize my url e.g. www.infoway.us . How much is it important for SEO?
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The best way to optimize your page URLs for the search engines is to make sure your targeted keywords are in the URL of the page. For example, if your page is about training German Shepherd to sniff, then an optimal page URL would be germanshepherdogtraining.com/Training-German-Shepherd-to-Sniff.
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I thing you konw about SEF URL (search engine friendly URL) what are the keywords you have to target give to inner page URL. URL optimization is very much important for SEO, this one is also help to increase the SERP position in Google search engine.
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it is also important not to put too much keywords in the url. 2 or 3 are enough