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can any one do me a favor and tell in steps what should i do to solve this problem:
i finished my database and connected it to VB 2005 code and it works great,but now i want to make the access to it by user name and password .so i created anew login in my server.. now i want to
1-encrypt the database or i don know just make it closed when it's transfered to the client computer
2-make the code access the server or the database through this login account only
3-make the client through code only execute procedures in database and nothing else.......
so how to make the whole story work
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Yes you can achieve it using SQL server Login credentials.

Create your own user in your machine (SQL server user authentication) and use the same in the connection string for ado.net connections with the database.

You should specify like command.CommandType=CommandType.StoredProcedure;

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You can use some kind of encoding/decoding in your application. Encode all the data before saving in the database. that way for some one who opens the database directly cannont make out wha thte data is.

Similary when you need to display the data thru the applicaiton, get the data, decode it and display to the user.