An urgent 8085 help needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am having 8085 simulator.... i just need to know , how can i get an array of values continuously in 8085... what is the equivalent instructions representing it...... for eg..if i need to get 5 values continuously , wat instructions and all i ll make use of........ to get that 5 values.......

thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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What does it mean to have an array of values continuously? Could you give an example?
What simulator are you using? There are lots available and they're not all the same.
Are you on a course? If so perhaps you could look through your course notes; maybe you weren't paying attention when the tutor talked about it?
Perhaps you could ask the person who wanted you to have an array of values continuously?
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am not going to any class or course for this.... am using SIM8085 simulator.... i got the answer for it..... thanks alot