Upgrading my Laptop Drive, Help Needed

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I'm looking to upgrade laptops harddrive from the 5400rpm to 7200rpm. Anyone done this before? Any noticeable gains in performance on a Celeron 1.6M? I already got a quote from www.rescuetechusa.com that they will do it for $130.

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upgrading from 5400 to 7200rmp means a faster HDD. but let me remind you that faster rpm means more power. if u are always on mobile, anticipate a lesser battery life. noisier system would also be experience since ur HDD will be operating at faster speed.
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yea, and depending on ur SATA drive conncection they could b configured for a smaller power supply.....which would prohibit ur new drive from running at full capacity
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U r battery power will get down soon. Wat sort of applications u use?. Why u wanna upgrade to 7200 rpm.?