Problem in Update with select

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Have this update query:
UPDATE kanban_data kd SET (wip_chemicalweighing, wip_compounding, wip_extrusion, wip_forming, wip_deflashing) = (SELECT ROUND(IF (NOT ISNULL(SUM(compounding)), 0, SUM(chemicalweighing)),2) AS wip_chemicalweighing, ROUND(IF (NOT ISNULL(SUM(extrusion)), 0, SUM(compounding)),2) AS wip_compounding, ROUND(IF (NOT ISNULL(SUM(forming)), 0, SUM(extrusion)),2) AS wip_extrusion', 'ROUND(SUM(deflashing),2) AS wip_deflashing FROM kanban k WHERE k.LOT_CODE = kd.LOT_CODE AND k.REFNUM = kd.REFNUM GROUP BY k.REFNUM);
and I got this error:
Error Code : 1064
You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '(wip_chemicalweighing, wip_compounding, wip_extrusion, wip_forming, wip_deflashi' at line 1
(16 ms taken)
Thank you
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I'm not going to serve it to you. It seems you have some basic mistake there, try to read the manual once more: