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hello.. just wanna ask some help..

i have a tables such as prospectus, tempevaluation, subject.

in prospectus theres a field such as (subcode, prosno,yrlevel,term)
in tempevaluation(subcode,grade,prosno)
in subject (subcode,units,description)

first, I would like to query all subcode,grade,units,description from tempevaluation, subject

$query="select s.subcode,s.description,s.units,t.grade from tempevaluation t, subject s where t.prosno='121' and s.subcode=t.subcode and t.yrlevel='I' and t.term='1st' ";

the result will display the subcode, description, units and grade..

now, if in the table tempevaluation has only subjects from yearlevel (ist) and term=(1st) and I would like to display the other subject to from prospectus from 1st year to 4th year without grade coz the grades only found in the tempevaluation.. How do i make the query..

that would display as the format of prospectus

first Year
1st semester
1.00 math 112 algebra
2.00 engl 111 english commu

first year
2nd semester
_____ IT 11 Intro to IT
_____ IT 12 programing

Second year

til 4yr

anyone could help.. thanks..
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ooppsss sorry i got the wrong subject.. its update multiple.. but its about querying