Update cronExpression from DB

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In the below coding
  "<property name="cronExpression" value="0 0 7 * * ?"/>"   instead of printing the value (0 0 7 ) statically i want to read it from database. how to apply. Please urgent.

    <bean id="planScheduler" class="com.nss.easyplan.service.PlanScheduler">
        <property name="planManager" ref="planManager"/>
        <property name="adminSettingManager" ref="settingManager"/>
    <bean id="jobDetail" class="org.springframework.scheduling.quartz.MethodInvokingJobDetailFactoryBean">
        <property name="targetObject" ref="planScheduler"/>
        <property name="targetMethod" value="createPlan"/>

    <bean id="cronTrigger" class="org.springframework.scheduling.quartz.CronTriggerBean">
        <property name="jobDetail" ref="jobDetail"/>
        <property name="cronExpression" value="0 0 7 * * ?"/>
    <bean class="org.springframework.scheduling.quartz.SchedulerFactoryBean">
        <property name="triggers">
                <ref bean="cronTrigger"/>

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Originally Posted by mvairavan
In the below coding
You probably missed to complete the complete query.

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