How to get unique visitor?

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Hello everybody…
I have one website but its bounce rate is very high i want to increase unique visitors for my site. So anybody tell me what can i do to get unique visitors for my website.
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If you have high bounce rate you should focus on reducing your bounce rate and not getting more visitors which will bounce out even more.
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I think. Do Social Media, Promote your website in Facebook and Twitter to have a many visitors to your site and also forum posting with signature.
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Well, another way to get unique visitors is join to any group that focus on your niches. Example your web niche is android apps, so you search, join and participate to any groups focus on android games. search and participate at yahoo, google mailing list, forums, facebook, twitter and also write n submite articles to articles directory and put your signature. hopefully useful.
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You should try to get more back links so that you can get deep back links. Once you get deep back links you can get the unique visitors. So in order to get deep back links do social book marking and forum posting as much you can. I think through social bookmarking and forum posting you can get solid back links and automatically you will get the unique visitors.
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Bounce rate increases when you submit links in in irrelevant sites and when visitors check those websites and find your site then your bounce rate increases. Rather you can do link building in relevant sites or directory categories so that visitors, if they are looking something what you have in your profile get to see that on you.
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A high bounce rate means people are not going beyond the landing page of your website. Before disappointing new visitors, you must work upon fixing your bounce rate issue. Here’s how:
- Avoid having too many ads and hyper attractive banners on your site. They interfere with site navigation and make visitors ‘ad blind’.
- Make site navigation as easy as possible.
- Cut back your main page down to essentials.
- Make sure you install the analytics code on all the pages of your website.
- Include quality content and highlight your best posts above the fold.
- Write a tag-line or blurb for your main page.
- Add Polls To Get Visitor’s Opinions & Keep Them Busy:
- Make your site easy on the eye with mild graphics and layout.
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I think quality content on website can help to reduce bounce rate. Main reason behind bounce rate is visitors cannot able to find related content or services on website. It is very tough to maintain this but it can possible. Gaining visitors for website is easy but it is hard to maintain them to visit website regularly.