Hi all,

what happens if i try to put an union to array. I want to have two ways of programing the code one way is to use (bits) the other to use intigers. Let me explain in the followinf example:

typedef union
         unsinged a1:1;
         unsigned a2:2;
         unsigned a3:3;
         unsigned a4:4;
         unsigned a5:5;
     int ALL;
Now if i want to make a structure out of this, I would make something like this:

int main()
    Coils coil;
    coil.ALL   Coils[200]; // now i have 200 int variables?
    coil.bits.a1 = 1; // the other way to program?
What i want to ask you is if I write the program using the second way (coil.bits.a1 = 1 it will also change the value of the array? Or I must use pointers? If you have any better solution please feel free to share it.

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