Unicode to UTF8 and UTF16 ?

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Hi all,
Can anyone tell me how can i convert a unicode string to UTF8 and UTF16 ? say, i have like this ?

WCHAR unicodebuf[] = L"Hello how are u ???喂";
// The last charecter in the above string is (hello) in CHINEESE

WCHAR utfbuf8[100] = L"";
WCHAR utfbuf16[100] = L"";

Now i want utfbuf8 and utfbuf16 to contain the encoded value of unicodebuf in utf8 and utf16 respectively... how can i do this ?
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WideCharToMultiByte can convert a WCHAR string to UTF-8.

It may be that WCHAR is the same as UTF-16, but someone will have to confirm that as I haven't done much with Unicode.