Unable to crack WPA2/PSK handshak ".cap" file BackTrack 5 R3.

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I tried to carck ".cap" file which contains the handshake using aircrack-ng with wordlist darkc0de.lst.

But i ended up with the message the wordlist doesnt contain it.

Could any one here suggest me other ways to crack it..

I would also like to know "How to use hybrid attack to crack WPA2/PSK?"
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Hello Goose,

Even i have checked and got the message , the thing is that aircrack is using dictionary attack.. you are aware of it ryte , some times the password wont be in the dictionary that can cause this problem. i would suggest you to put your Wifi password in the darc0de.lst file list and do a test again see if it picks up the password.

You can use reaver instead of aircrack-ng but it might take lot of time i tried with reaver it took around 17 hours.

go to the website , wirelessdomination and search for reaver , i am not able to paste the link here.