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Google commands:

Everyone nows that google is great for searching for images and webpages, even hackers say it is good. But not many people know why hackers are intrested in using google. Well here is why.

On this page you will find some secret commands that people are not told about google.

To look for certain files like .com or .gov type: site:gov or site:com or try this “board”

To look for html names or a word in a tilte of a site type: intitle:wordhere

these may or may not be known to most people who read this but it doesnt matter learn them and combine them.

You may want to try this filetype:xls "restricted"

or this one: site:mil filetype:xls "password"

or maybe site:mil “index of” admin.

This information is for educational purposes and should not be tested out you will be held responsible for your actions. I do not take any responsability for anyoine testing out anything on this page.

more later....
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Nice post Vishal Sharma

But All the google commands which you call commands google call it operators and all list of operators are listed

I did not find the following commands/operators there

and also could not find how to search with
type: can you explain the concept behind type:
although filetype: is working perfectly fine

You may want to try this filetype:xls "restricted"
It should be
Code: filetype:xls "restricted"

Shabbir Bhimani

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i tried some interesting sites and its rocks
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This kept me busy for a while. Thanks