True c compilers

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well i have been programming in c for around 3 months and actually i have tried to work with DEVC++ in the first two months but after learning about pointers i begin using them in my programs but...after playing with pointers i found that DEV C++ starts to show me some strange errors like dependency ERROR i thought it's a linker error so i started using the new version of DEVc++ but nothing changes so i tried another compiler the turbo c compiler but actually i didn't know how to work with more than one source file
some people told me that i should try microsoft visual c++ 6.0 but actually it didn't work too
any way plz guys tell me
1-what are the best compilers that work under windows for c?
2-what is better write c useing compilers that work under linux or windows?
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Duplicate of True c compilers. Thread closed.