A Trojan or software that could hack back the attacker

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Hey, people i just had a question in mind...

sometimes i get some problems on my pc and want to know if there is an attacker who is remotely controlling or hacking my computer, even with using my anti virus or a firewall,
is it possable for a software or a trojan or something similer, to have the ability, to let me iether scan my computer, or give me access directly back to the attackers computer, without them knowing of it, - also something like that, when accomplished, gives me the user name (IF THEY HAVE ONE), AND the password of the attacker, and gives me a complete opposite interface of the attckers computer, and lets me do whatever i want-
or something for revenge.

Please help......This has been happening to me for almost 4 years now.

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that will help.
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Easier way but its called Fast Track by Backtrack learn use use it love it
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try reverse engineering
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For him to hack you, he must be able to get through your gateway, so check your gateway if you feel there is any suspicious activity on your network from outside.