Trim/Replace URL String help needed please

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Hi all......
Can anyone help me out with this one please?
I have a results page that displays products in order of product name.
I have a dropdown menu with three order options (price low, price high and manufacturer).
I want to be able to select an option and have the page display the products by one of the three order options.
So far i've created a DIM for the dropdown menu value. The DIM requests the Querystring which is the url for the results page like:


I then want to 'tag' the dropdown menu value on the end of this url when an option is selected and the page is submitted to itself

Bearing in mind the new url will be something like:

results.asp?menuselect=e&CategoryID=30&sortby=pric ehigh

I will need to be able to replace anything after the sortby= with the new menu option value if the visitor changes the order.

Hope that makes some kind of sense :-)

Thanks in advance
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Does anyone understand what i'm trying to acheive? :-)