Transform Data from Multiple rows in a Single Row

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I've a situation where I'm retreiving the data in a subquery, the result for which can be multiple rows and columns.

And I want the result for this sub-query to appear in a single row for the parent query.

E.g. The Result from Subquery
No. - Name
1 - Google
2 - Yahoo
3 - MSN

The transformation for the parent query
List of Names
1 - Google, 2 - Yahoo, 3 - MSN

Can anyone help me on achieving this?
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Why do you need in single line in the parent query because normally queries are always in result set
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AskTom is the place for stuff like this. e.g.
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I know it won't make much sense but the data from subquery can go from 0 to 50 records for each parent query, so to keep it simple and understandable, I want it this way.

Thanks xpi0t0s for reminding about AskTom and giving the correct thread link.
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Query result always will be displayed row by row..
bcz database created like will be understood by every one..