Get more traffic from Yahoo

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My site is very good in Google but very poor in yahoo and all other search engines and so what should i do increase traffic from yahoo / MSN / ASK. I welcome your suggestions.
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There are many reasons for your problem.

1. No one uses Yahoo for searching. At least not in the niche you are targeting.
2. Yahoo has its own problem in ranking pages.

Yahoo mainly likes the onpage factors which are always very manipulative and so its better to leave as it is now.

Same are the case with other search engines.
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Agree with shabbir, yahoo gives more preferences to on page optimization and Meta tags plays big role in yahoo Optimization. For getting traffic I think you should target Google only.
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Target Google and eventually your page in yahoo will rank too. If you do good onpage optimization for google ranking, yahoo will just follow.
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I agree with phcarmaster. Initially I only targetted google but I was surprised to found out that I'm getting thousands of backlinks from yahoo.