How to open total project ?

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I download a code from some site, I got only 4 part of it.

App_Data (FOLDER)

Now what should I do to open it as a proeper project in .NET ?
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The best bet would be to ask the person who has uploaded it.
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Solution :

Goto File -> Open Website -> Give the full path of th Folder.

Solution is the result of my R&D
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If you have the project file in it, then open it as project
else open website

If you open as website, it creates a project folder for you, in the path:
C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\Visual Studio <Ver>\Projects
there you can find the solution file, which will open the complete project
and if any associated project also

I use it daily
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if u dnt have the soln file then open the default.aspx in VisualStudio and see the contents using design view and see that it'll work for u or u have to make ur own.. try it
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you will need to add all files