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Total Newb. A tad over my head.

Discussion in 'Database' started by roobX, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. roobX

    roobX New Member

    Where do I start?!?!
    I've been developing a website and I've started to realize that I'm going to have to host it on a server that allows PHP and other server side perks.
    But I have no idea where to start with everything. I'd like to get a basic understanding of things before I dive in.
    I plan on hosting it offline on my machine with Apache for now. Its setup so I can access it from my home ip. But where do I go from there?
    Anyone have any decent server side tutorials? Something that will cover the basics of SQL and PHP and all the other perks of having a server?
    It seems so hard to get my foot in the door on the topic because I don't know which to learn about first.
    Any help or tutorials will be great. I just need someone to point me in the right direction to start off lol.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    You are at the right place and get some reading in the right section and you will see how to get it up and running.

    As of now I will post links to some of the articles that may be of help to you

    Basic MySQL Tutorial
    Why use PHP for server-side scripting?
    Methods to iterate through an array
    Website Development Approach
    Speed up your web pages
    Tweaking Apache for better performance

    Just too many so here are the Sections :eek:

    MySQL / PostGRESQL Tutorials and Source Code
    PHP Tutorials and Source Code
    Web Development Tutorials and Source Code
  3. roobX

    roobX New Member

    Thank you kindly. I'll start reading through these.
    Even their titles seem to make the task seem less daunting haha.

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