Get the title of the url

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I am looking for a code snippet that can get me the title of the url I enter.

something like if I pass

It should return Go4Expert - Begining with PHP

I have checked the internet and seen that curl of php can be useful but could not use it in a very good sense as I am not a PHP expert.
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We can use Regular Expressions to get the title of a page, see the PHP code snippet below which extracts the title of page who's URL you specify.

Code: PHP
$url = "";
$file = file($url);
$file = implode("",$file);

    print "The title of $url is <b>$m[1]";
    print "The page doesn't have a title tag";
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I have added an extra bit of condition
Code: PHP
if (@fclose(@fopen($rightlink, "r")))
so that if the link is not reachable you dont have to open the file.