several tips to protect your password against password cracking and bruteforcing

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oh no. your passwords been hacked?
well here are a few tips to make sure it wont happen again

1.if your password is lower then 14 letters, lengthen it to at least 14
2.insert randome numbers and symbals like 123@pu22y#@$$$r^
3.ALWAYS make sure your password is between 14-20 letters long with random symbals and letters be sure, make your password mixed case $$$aTyO$$$%125fRsTf$
5.make sure your password contains NO words as that would make that part easy
6.if you must have a word in your pass make sure you have symbals between each letter
6 EX: l#3#3t1301&&&&&&&&&

if you follow these tips you shouldnt have a problem
(This was written because during a google search i found out immortal was hacked i was trying to find some of the sites hes hacked)
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Some Good tips