can anyone give me tips on hacking

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im new to this stuff has any got tips on how to hack hotmail accounts,runescape nd other games/sites
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My advise is to start low... Try if you haven't .bat files as virusses.
There are like hundreds of videos on youtube on how to make them. As for hacking online
I'm sure you can find some program someone made, but then all ued be doing was opening a program. Start low and learn a programming launguage or 2. Then try hacking online.
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yea listen to what microapple said the very first thing i started off with was batch file Viruses there one of the most easiest things to program anyone with a great mind of wanting to learn it can learn it ezly

then the second thing i would start off with is learning each file that makes ur system run know what they do how they run.

then i would go into more advanced virus making such as in c/c++ or vb

or if your a defacer which is what i am at the most part learn how to hack websites

one of the most eziest sites out there to hack is JOOMLA there is over 1000 sql injections towards that thing go to for your sql injections and shell codes and stuff like that after you get the basic ideas of sql injections try to make up ur own sql injection and then that would be a very good job for you.

after that learn how to root i posted a very nice well done rooting tutorial for you guys to see go to then at the top section click ethical hacking then click my rooting tutorial

and that should help you out a lot

also once you think youve masterd rooting our club at

and play rooting games with us or set up your own rooting box and see if you can secure it better than anyone else

i hope this helped you out