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Can someone give me tips on how to hack Gmail password?

Discussion in 'Ethical hacking' started by Hiimmark, May 11, 2010.

  1. Hiimmark

    Hiimmark New Member

    Hi, i made an account for gmail a LONG time ago and now i forgot it. I tried everything and can't retrieve it. I play a game that i forgot the password to and its linked to the account. Now in order to reset it, i need my email. Can someone help me?
    I can PM you the email if you need it Thanks:)
  2. viresh

    viresh New Member

    yes i can but neeed t...
  3. 1crazygamegeak

    1crazygamegeak New Member

    Sorry dude all hope is lost. When ever gmail accounts are hacked it is because it went though a phisher, so to hack the account somebody would need to open up the phisher.
  4. Hiimmark

    Hiimmark New Member

    Is there a way to hack into their server and retrieve the password? or is it like tripple encrypted?
  5. 1crazygamegeak

    1crazygamegeak New Member

    note on google. maybe banks but not google. :crazy:
  6. Hiimmark

    Hiimmark New Member

    Lol banks... Thats physical google is not physical lol so i can't get it back?
  7. 1crazygamegeak

    1crazygamegeak New Member

    Well I cant that is for shore. maybe if you knew someone from inside google, who had access to the data files. even then it would big a wild bore chase. Even if I could read the gmail PHP file I would still run into even more encrypted stuff.
  8. devilxone

    devilxone New Member

    so bascially you just saying its not possible to hack gmail account :p
  9. Xerei

    Xerei New Member

    NOTHING is impossible, absolutely nothing, we may not know how yet, but that does NOT mean it's impossible.
    Before humans thought it was impossible to fly, now airplanes is an every-day thing.
    Also...not sure if this exploit is around anymore, but you can try sending commands as a link, at least it worked before.

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