Job Description
1. a Visual Basic 6 test application which accesses Writer and Calc of the newest version of 3.0 (Beta 2 at the moment)
2. an OpenOffice 3 Calc template sheet with some OOo-Basic.

The VB application has to use OpenOffice 3 Writer and
- open and close Writer
- open, save and close a Writer document
- save, export or print a document as pdf
- merge a document with data (like address)
- merge a document with data (stored in a Calc File)

The VB application has to use OpenOffice 3 Calc and
- open and close Calc
- open, save and close a Calc sheet
- import and export a tab delimited data base (CrLf as record delimiter) of 10000 records quickly into a template sheet (e.g. pasting from clip board)
- reads, writes and change color of OpenOffice 3 Calc fields

The template sheet has to contain a some OOo-Basic code that
- loads data from a tab delimited database (about 10000 records with 20 fields) when loaded
- react on "Field change", click and right-click by starting a procedure
- starts an external application (Run WriteToTab.exe with parameters)

Links that could help:

Commands to use:
.setPropertyValue("CellBackColor", RGB(0, 0, 255))

With skills in VB6, OpenOffice / OOo Basic and the OpenOffice API this task should need about 10 hours and be completed within one week.
This is a test project to see how development cooperation will work. That's why we offer 50 USD payable after checking the results which contain

- a error-free working compiled VB6 application
- a error-free working template sheet
- the sources of the VB 6 project and the template sheet

The coding and testing will be carried out on our Windows 2003 Servers for controlling purposes and to discuss the results